The Lost Direction

The Lost Direction is a collection of Quatrian lore inspired by the little-known writings of one Edward Allen Oxford, a WWI merchant marine who claimed to have been marooned for two years on a mysterious tropical island following a U-boat attack off the coast of Antarctica. He was later declared mentally unfit by authorities, but no one could explain how he had survived his ordeal.

It is the first book by Canadian author Timothy S. Boucher, and the first of the Lost Books of Quatria series.

Lost Books is an indie blockchain publisher, located in Quebec, Canada. 🍁

Published: January 2020, 346 pages.

Genre: Lorecore

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  • Webworm by David Farrier did an extensive write-up about Quatria (July 2021)
  • “A curious and fun balance of weirdness and witticisms, of abstract ideas and magical adventure.”Tellest, (March 2020).
  • Debrief Media featured Lost Books in an article about publishing books as NFTs, (April 2021).
  • The Literary Review of Canada said The Lost Direction has “rich lore,” (May 2021).
  • Broadway World called the Quatria metaverse “remarkable,” (May 2021).

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