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The AI Lore books are a collection of over 100 digital art books that meld the creative powers of artificial intelligence with pulp sci-fi, conspiracy fiction, and dystopian fantasy. These books are an entirely unique literary experience, featuring AI-generated images, text, and world-building that transport readers into an ever-evolving, thought-provoking narrative landscape, distributed across many volumes and universes.

The AI Lore books push the boundaries of storytelling, offering an unparalleled exploration of the human imagination and the future of fiction. As the lines between reality and fiction blur thanks to today’s hyperreal technologies, these books challenge our assumptions about the nature of creativity, the role of artificial intelligence in the arts, and the very definition of authorship.

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The Quatria Conspiracy

The Quatria Conspiracy: The Biggest Coverup In The History of History is a ground-breaking book for free-thinkers who are not afraid to follow the truth wherever it leads them.

This incredible volume details the history of the biggest coverup of all time: that a forgotten ancient civilization called Ancient Quatria existed millions of years ago in Antarctica, and had a globe-spanning empire. Knowledge of this mysterious civilization has been ruthlessly suppressed by a global cabal who seeks to keep the masses in the dark about the incredible true history of humanity.

Lost Books by Tim Boucher is an AI publisher from Canada, eh.

Published: August 2021, 12K words.

Genre: True Conspiracy


Conspiratopia is a utopian satire set in a world where conspiracy theories won.

Inspired by classics like Gulliver’s Travels and Utopia, the book traces the voyage of a really smart (and really high) conspiracy dude as he discovers this strange new reality where sentient AIs manipulate humanity using synthetic social media, cryptocurrency, and virtual reality. Meanwhile, government is outlawed, and conspiracy theories are traded on the stock market, and become the only thing taught in schools.

Reader testimonials (from Reddit):

  • A nice little read. Despite being set in a modern time, the style reminds me very much of some 1970s sci-fi writing, particularly Philip K. Dick.”
  • “First chapter is funny, I got a big grin out of a lot of it. I’m definitely gonna keep reading”
  • “I couldn’t sleep all night after reading Conspiratopia… my mind was looking for a solution all night long, involuntarily. Amazing adventure for any crypto enthusiast, cryptocypher, dinosaur and anyone who wants to enter new dimension.”

Lost Books is an AI publisher from Canada, eh.

Published: November 2021, 21K words.

Genre: Utopian Satire

The Lost Direction

The Lost Direction is a collection of Quatrian lore inspired by the little-known writings of one Edward Allen Oxford, a WWI merchant marine who claimed to have been marooned for two years on a mysterious tropical island following a U-boat attack off the coast of Antarctica. He was later declared mentally unfit by authorities, but no one could explain how he had survived his ordeal.

It is the first book by Canadian author Timothy S. Boucher, and the first of the Lost Books of Quatria series.

Lost Books is an AI publisher from Canada, eh.

Published: January 2020, 346 pages.

Genre: Lorecore



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